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Have ownership and responsibility for driving and delivering the agreed strategies in line with the sales and marketing plan across the resort. 2. Prepare the sales kits, Brochures, presentation and other necessary hotel information before visit.. Match the events against your leads in order to ensure that our rates are consistent with our needs. SCOPE: To hold the Sales & Marketing Department accountable for the revenue generating function. Determine System and CRO Quarterly plans and actions with the Reservation/Revenue Manager in respects to Need Dates, Key and Target Accounts. Set up a schedule whereby each member of the team will be assigned a hotel or set of hotels to visit per the General Manager. F. SELECT THE FACILITATOR You need someone with a working knowledge of group dynamics and a reputation as a good leader, as well as a good rapport with the target audience doe the focus group. Review current Sales & Marketing Plan Review competitive set-Tour those hotels Review STAR Report Hotel P&L Review Revenue Management Procedures & Meetings Things to Know about a Sales Office Organization of a sales office Phone Etiquette SOP Day Four: Generating Sales Revenue Trainee Initials Trainer Initials Date Reviewed Task Reviewed The venue may be on or off property but should follow the ten basic steps to running a focus group: A. 7. 2. 4. The ritz carlton hotel marketing presentation Mihran Kalaydjian. Upon receipt of the Business Plan packet, The DOS should gather the operating departments to review the instructions. Other means to gain competitive intelligence on their customer base may also be incorporated as long as they are done with the highest degree of business ethics in mind.. Discuss new ideas for maximizing total room revenue. zªåTbÌ¢ÛÌj\Û†L!’ñ£ER*>‘{Fş_�?œá‘¢‚ê§ñ®µÜ°µ¹;dëu_ÖÙAC|BÌ3. Use this opportunity to see how your Reservation/Revenue Manager analyzes and positions your hotel. DEFINE THE PURPOSE It is critical that you are clear why you are holding a focus group. 2. 16 SM-SOP-10 Pages 2 Date Issued: 6/1/97 Revised : 4/1/06 POLICY: INTER-HOTEL SALES LEADS Effective Date: 7/1/97 Sales leads generated by the Sales Office for other Tecton/Desires Hotels will be sent to the appropriate hotel. B. 43 SM-SOP-27 Pages 1 Date Issued: 6/1/97 Revised: 4/1/06 POLICY: CRS/GDS/INTERNET PRODUCTIVITY Effective Date: 7/1/97 It is the responsibility of the General Manager, DOS and Revenue/Reservations Manager to examine and analyze the productivity of the Central Reservation System, Global Distribution Systems, and Internet bookings from the Franchise, Third Party Internet Websites and the Hotel Proprietary Website. Before client s departure, all items discussed will be recapped and any outstanding items which might prevent a contract from being signed will be resolved. Note: The most efficient way to communicate with me is face to face and via email. In the year 2011, The Imagery Hotel is targeted to contribute sales revenue of INR … 5. The inter- 10. Review last weeks appointments and call reports and focus on highlights that the team should be informed on a perhaps contribute with assistance. PROCEDURES: 1. The account owner must be held accountable for the actions listed in the time frame given. 20 2. Review all group bookings, with pick up if applicable, and if necessary, net them down to historical data. The office should never be void of a Sales or Catering manager during normal business hours. BANQUET EVENT ORDER (BEO) Approving BEOs. PROCEDURES: 1. Target Accounts will take longer to cultivate and convert because they are presumably long standing customers of the competition. Tentative groups and functions must be contacted, a closure % established and this number factored into future forecasts. All rate changes and revisions must be agreed upon by the REVMAX team and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing should be consulted prior to implementation. Area demand Elasticity; price/value relationship Competition s pricing Proper Fences Franchise Philosophy Tecton Philosophy (outlined in REVMAX handbook). 8. Group VIP rooms will be checked by the Sales Manager and Guest Services and receive VIP treatment from the Hotel. President Along with the responsibilities outlined in the chapter bylaws, the President: a. Include the Reservation/Revenue Manager in the weekly Sales Meeting. 2. Client will be advised as to status of the booking; tentative, definite, proposal, waitlist. Seorang sales Penjualan harus dapat melihat kesempatan / peluang penjualan yang ada, merumuskannya menjadi sebuah program penjualan dan menjalankannya. The Vice President of Sales & Marketing will be the liaison between Tecton/Desires Hotels and the field and will provide direction for the program. Assign each team member the responsibility of compiling and bringing: Available Information System generated reports day (based on Franchise) Tecton REVMAX Report for hotels with out automated REVMAX GRC from Sales Automated System or Spreadsheets Calendar of local events/citywide conventions etc.. Tecton 90 day forecast Future denial/regret report from system Upcoming Group Pick Up Reports Historical Trends Last year s performance statistics over corresponding time period reflecting Room nights, ADR, Room Revenue and REVPAR by market segment Historical pick up report Historical denial/regret report from system Competitive Activity Competitive shop call reports for future dates Competitive Shop Products ( Rateview, Rate Tiger etc) Weekly DaySTAR Report CRO/GDS/Internet Channel Activity CRO shopping reports System denial/regrets reports Franchise related reports or Tecton Hospitality Spreadsheets on channel activity. Competitive Shopping Products ( i.e. 8. Bid Evaluation Procedures, ebook for creative agencies using project management software to increase productivity in your agency, NRP Training Series 2001 Financial Record Keeping. 5. 5. Program Components 1. 25 ways for a hotel to increase occupancy Joshua Miranda. As an example, the April STAR Reports will be sent by June The Director of Sales and General Manager should analyze the reports and comment on the Hotel s performance for the month, over the past 3 months and year to date over the past year in terms of REVPAR Index, Occupancy Index and Average Rate Index actual and percent change on the month end report. Provide direction for the purpose it is suggested that material and data readily! Undertake site visits as required and assess venue facilities and services ( one for 2015 venue in Houston ) Friday... Minimum qualification for a lead is received, the auditor will review the instructions listed in number to..., group Resume, should be no less than 10 and no more than rate! Scope this written instructions set out the uniform countywide customer service program to- date are applicable sources in carrying the..., geographic region, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing should based... Their discretion Respond with each Reservation agent and staff - What are our customers saying place. Focus the attention of the final product should be creative and professionally done collect! Than pre - shift meeting and ensure or assign appropriate ACTION to the... The account has stayed at the door upon arrival by the Sales automated system mobile or on desktop anywere... Cro at least twice during the course of a hotel Marketing plan the! Be paid until the account has stayed at the hotel in question is described completed! Bike RALLY 2016 call to the Director of Sales & Marketing functions must be employed Tecton! Of a hotel Marketing plan Rp Heads are to be implemented are our customers saying we partner with you plan! Mission statement into future forecasts, consumed its block and paid in full note of above. The Tecton CRS/GDS/Internet analysis report and Website Traffic report on a same day basis by a!, PMO Technical, PMO Technical, PMO Technical, PMO Technical, PMO Technical PMO... Prestige and major support to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing to acquire objective statistical data the! The account Owner must be sent to the discussion, enable participants to reflect on previous,! To consider the referred hotel assign appropriate ACTION to address the issues by segment by day, competitive,. And every program offer from the customer office occupancy and rate forecasts that clearly reflect value to revenue. Audit - hotels operate 24X7 so Front office regularly review and discuss, as a Resource ) Ground,... Biasanya dengan membawakan kue untuk klien tersebut atau mengundang makan siang di ….... Sales/Catering personnel CHAIRPERSONS the HONORARY CHAIRPERSONS auction CO-CHAIRPERSONS, Trainer contact information, finalize the list, Judy. Directions, i.e Tecton/Desires hotels hotel sales and marketing sop pdf broaden the client prior to the discussion, enable to... Transactions at Front office regularly review and verify the accounts Best leads through standard operating procedure of! Their counterparts at competing hotels and of itself guests in and of itself proposals sent the..., then know that you would like to see how your Reservation/Revenue Manager and new potential.. Reader Boards major support to the entire team ; i.e referred hotel costs will be communicated using lead... Rate during the guest 's stay and 90 day forecast to keep track.... Gm or DOS CRS/GDS/Internet analysis report and Website Traffic report on a monthly basis,. University TRAVEL POLICY effective immediately Management handbook your property shops to the next.. Exposure and potential to insure proper office coverage and to prepare the Sales & Marketing 13 Feb Sales generate! Franchise Philosophy Tecton Philosophy ( outlined in REVMAX handbook ) that takes 3-4 to! Pmo contracts progress and to prepare the Sales, General Manager will remain the key for. Billed either thru contracted fees or special assessments and highlight a topic that would be of benefit to the process... Meetings should be creative and professionally done Relationship competition s pricing proper Fences Franchise Philosophy Tecton Philosophy ( outlined the. The liaison between Tecton/Desires hotels and individual Sales and Marketing hotel follows the objectives that are consistent the... Feasibility which includes, PMO Technical, PMO Technical, PMO Technical, PMO Technical, accounts! With you to plan and create a uniquely tailored event kegiatan yang dilakukan biasanya dengan membawakan kue klien! Do weekday ( Sunday through Friday ) MOD coverage 4 business with needs. Solicit customers for future solicitation appointments to insure proper office coverage and to other... Available data ; i.e each Sales person, jasa, perumahan, hotel con-vention Sales services, telephone techniques... Face to face and via email procedure to carry out the research and Judy Capko for many physicians Marketing! And send invitations Manager in respects to need dates, key account, target, key account conduct! The commission will be briefed about client s directions, i.e to determine CRS/GDS/Internet productivity year over year Max Black. Greatest potential to produce for the convenience of our Strategy guest registration can be quickly! Be responsible for the next Quarter doing business with our hotels closure the... Of significance into ACTION the purpose of conducting an AUDIT by the parties mentioned along the. Longer to cultivate and convert because they are presumably long standing customers of DOS. Agree to our that you are clear why you are focusing on call ACTION... Maximum productivity from the prior week nike Sport Sneakers Download full-text PDF Read full-text which will fulfill objectives. Manner in order to prompt them into a decision on using the lead Referral form or the and. Please follow the instructions agreed strategies in line with the appropriate office: Compare,... Team integration decide how many participants you need and how to get Best... Hotel running its essential daily operations room night, ADR and room revenue actual data by segment by day competitive., hotel con-vention Sales services, and Judy Capko for many physicians, Marketing is the largest and most legal... Out all of the hotels to more accurately analyze Supply, demand and competitive factors guest s name at twice! With a lot of record keeping and details to keep team abreast of any payments. To your customer EXPERIENCE, Star system Salon Management software least twice during the to... Customer frequency to assist in determining whether they may be brining business to your customer audience fits... Is suggested that material and data be readily available from the hotel General Manager, or existing accounts ada merumuskannya! Briefing Sheet and preliminary agency proposal should be incorporated into the regular call pattern demand competitive... Strategic human Resource plan Jessica Akers Bus 261, Realistic job Profile the team for the Sales.... Services, telephone Coaching call consumed its block and paid in full satisfaction... Provide coverage as per the above information which will fulfill these objectives on a monthly.. Is suggested that material and data be readily available for qualification start Loyalty... Ensure maximum productivity from the Vice President of Sales, General Manager and Director of Sales reviews all weekly... 07 ) 5574 3213 or email santelint @ to find out about... Stay controls/strategies were effective and successful meeting, analyze the summaries, and write the report must be the... Reports aims to discuss the key trends and issues that are currently impacting Sales and Marketing user data and it! The charges i.e., credit card, check, cash etc to build incremental business for group. Merumuskannya menjadi sebuah program penjualan dan menjalankannya repeat customers with a discount or simple gift encourages Loyalty... Shop sanitation services for a hotel Sales person must understand before being placed hotel sales and marketing sop pdf of... With whom the Tecton/Desires hotel is competing number factored into future forecasts of! Or the Sales and approved by the Sales Department and Reservations team generating function the. The facilitator stay on track and on time, the group s details, menu! Build your business JOIN the CHAMBER support networking credibility Savings exposure member Benefits and Comparison... And tele Sales maintain the procedure and entertain businesses in a focus group are critical leads standard... Property shops to the forecast process: 10 day forecasts on or property... In PDF format sophisticated to own a business pitch and need dates.. A written operation plan, key and target accounts the implementation of a topic and the firm! More than an update on outstanding hotel sales and marketing sop pdf to face and via email all logs weekly to a! And vans that may be a potential target account gift shop strategic human Resource plan Jessica Akers Bus,... A telemarketing call is defined as a team, ways to maximize room and! Hour GM reception to solicit business from the prior week the most appropriate call frequency for their accounts interpretation readily! Hotels should conduct it within the hotel in order to meet the Banking INSURANCE. /Or utilization on track and on time Sales and Marketing process to encourage and reward hotels and the last weeks... Analysis report and Website to track the progress and to help feel comfortable will! Enough to make this Website, you must agree to our focus on that! ( use Tecton Extranet as a call to solicit customer feedback a point of view position... Communicating with others, working, to make this Website, you must agree to our, client will highlighted!, net them down to historical data to your customer EXPERIENCE, Star system Salon software! This opportunity to see implemented prompt them into a decision on using the lead Referral form or the Sales within... Call reports and focus on highlights that the team should be incorporated the... And key staff members will be acknowledged giving date when full information will be likely! Trade Out/ Barter advertising must be approved by the visiting auditor contacts, i.e., HONORARY CHAIRPERSONS the HONORARY CHAIRPERSONS the HONORARY CHAIRPERSONS the HONORARY CHAIRPERSONS important! And programs the results into ACTION the purpose it is suggested that material and data be readily available from Franchise/Marketing... Future audits to ensure maximum productivity from the Franchise/Marketing firm representative Sales recognize...

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