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On this revolting occasion, therefore, he is more fully assured of his calling, that he may lay aside fear and obey the command of God; for nothing gives greater confidence to pious minds than to know that they obey God. 4. The doctrine of the Trinity seems to furnish an easy and beautiful solution; but this solution has been rejected, not by Unitarians only, but by Trinitarians not a few. It was a volunteer’s response to a general summons or invitation. ), Dr. Howard Crosby used to say, “When will New York city be evangelised? The task for which the right man was sought was not merely divine, but heavenly in the broadest sense: for it is not only a matter in which God Himself is interested, that the earth should become full of the glory of God, but this is also an object of solicitude to the spirits that minister unto Him. (F. Second, the seraphim said "lo" ("behold" in the NASB), pointing to God"s provision for cleansing. ", John Gill's Exposition of the Whole Bible, Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, Keil & Delitzsch Old Testament Commentary, Joseph Benson's Commentary of the Old and New Testaments, George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible - Unabridged, Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, Preacher's Complete Homiletical Commentary. He was nurtured in the soft and sumptuous luxuriance of palaces. (C. B. Symes, B. Nor must we forget our tender Redeemer. Mr. Cobden called upon me as a friend, and addressed me, as you may suppose, with words of condolence. and who will go to teach?'. The points to which I shall call your attention, are, [In the first instance, the proposal referred solely to a mission which God intended to send to his people. II. Isaiah 6:8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Why should God thus ask human service? And it indicates, perhaps, that there were “few” in the nation who would be willing to do it, and that it was attended with self-denial and danger. For if the joy, with which he offered himself here as the messenger of God, was the direct consequence of the forgiveness of sins, of which he had received the seal; the consciousness of his own personal sinfulness, and his membership in a sinful nation, would certainly have prevented him thereto from coming forward to denounce judgment upon that nation. THE VISION OF GOD TO THE SOUL. You must have a man of men to see, and to feel, and to say things like that. This is called by grammarians pluralis excellentice, or the plural form indicating majesty or honor. Indeed, many interpreters conclude that Isaiah 6:1-8 represents not Isaiah’s call, but rather something like a renewal-of-call experience or a re-commissioning for a new situation that was precipitated by the death of King Uzziah in 742 BCE (or … Continue reading "Commentary on Isaiah 6:1-8" ].”, As to excuses for withholding or delaying a general surrender of ourselves to God, they are lighter than vanity itself. So ought such to do as find themselves fitted for the work: If thou hast not manchet, (c) said Bucer to Bradford, give the people barley bread, such as thou canst, it will be accepted. Heaven opened. If it was Isaiah's call to the prophetic office, why should it have been placed this deep into the prophecy? I’ll tell you--when every Christian becomes an evangelist.” (Christian Endeavour. He never rejects true volunteers. In conclusion, let us lay up in our memories three facts in connection with service. The change of the number, I and us, is very remarkable; and both being meant of one and the same Lord, do sufficiently intimate a plurality of persons in the Godhead. Reference to Pentateuch (Genesis 1:26; Genesis 3:22; Genesis 11:7). In any case Isaiah had a fairly free entry to the King's court in Jerusalem (Is. And he preached on all these matters as no angel in all heaven could have preached, he preached as only a leper could preach to his brother lepers, and as only one undone man could preach to other undone men. God sometimes, in righteous judgment, gives men up to blindness of mind, because they will not receive the truth in the love of it. He was not to win men, but to seal their doom by putting before them truth which they would be sure to reject. Thus Isaias was an evangelical and apostolical prophet. And who will go for us? The General of an army wisely relaxes the routine discipline of duty when in the fortunes of the campaign the troops have to face the desperate service of some forlorn hope. If we read this passage rightly we shall not always throw the emphasis upon the last word, “me,” but read it also thus, “Here am I, send me.” He is willing to go, but he does not want to go without being sent. See the Structure (p. 980). Or, as many eminent commentators, it may denote the trinity, indicated in the thrice “holy” uttered by the seraphim. If God has given you influence with men, go to the drunkard and the fallen and seek to reclaim them from the depths of degradation in which they are sunk. Some think that this is intended to reprove the ignorance of the priests and prophets; because, though they are very numerous, still not one of them was qualified to teach. — Vitringa. [Note: Young, 1:254.]. Youth as he was, his social position and quick observation enabled him to appreciate the service demanded in the challenge. I hope that you are God’s portion upon an absolute freehold. Then comes Isaiah’s prayer for authority and anointing. We’re gathered, we’re healed, we’re sent. And it is not a little remarkable, that some of the examples most relied on for proof of this “dignified plural,” are found, on examination, to possess nothing of the dignity, while more exact scholarship has reduced their plurality also. This capacity has been impaired, more or less, in all human beings. The Prophet now begins to discourse about the design of this vision, why God appeared to him with such glorious majesty, in order to ordain him anew as a prophet. Had he been in the frame of mind which the prophet manifested in my text, all these difficulties would have vanished; and he would have engaged in his work as Paul did, who was “not disobedient to the heavenly vision,” but “preached at once the faith, which, till that moment, he had laboured to destroy.” To any one, therefore, who desires an answer to the question that has been proposed, I say, Get your soul filled with love to Christ: and that will answer ten thousand difficulties, and constrain you to engage in any thing whereby the kingdom of the Redeemer may be advanced in the world. He knew it all, but he stepped forward in the simplicity of a perfect faith, and said, “Here am I send me.” You will perceive in the foregoing verse an account of his preparation for receiving this call. (A. Whyte, D. D.). ), Of a man chosen by the church council of a Uganda mission, to act as father to the boys and see that they kept out of mischief, a missionary writes: “An ordination candidate, whose name is Jacob the elephant, an extremely nice, sensible man, was suggested, and I was much struck by his reply when asked if he would undertake the post. III. Whom shall I send?] We are too apt to connect failure with incompetency in the servant. In the Bible, when God appears, when God speaks, when God call’s, He sends people. Judges 2:1; Judges 5:23; Malachi 3:1.) In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple.Above it stood seraphim; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. (E. Jenkins, LL. The offer of service which the prophet madewas—. 4. It is a man who must be sent, a man under impulse, a man under authority--“Whom shall I send?” But it is a man who is quite willing to go, a volunteer, one who in his inmost heart rejoices to obey--“Who will go for Us? Second, the seraphim said "lo" ("behold" in the NASB), pointing to God"s provision for cleansing. Multitudes may reject the prophet's message, yet there will be "a tenth" who will accept it and be saved.—J. 2. That which God has in view, that which God is perpetually taking counsel upon, is the welfare, the happiness, and, if either have been disturbed, then the restoration, the rectification, the redemption, the salvation, of the lives which He created, of the souls which He has made. Always, but that once, God has chosen sinful men; and, not seldom, the most sinful of men He could get to speak to their fellow men about sin and salvation. “I don’t know that I have,” answered the man. Come now, let us reason together, saith the Lord. Commentary on Isaiah 6:1-8 View Bible Text This text is among the more famous in the Hebrew Bible, serving as a source for the centuries’ old shape of worship (Praise, Confession, Forgiveness/Pardon, and Response). (S. Cox, D. D.), Though at times he had to rebuke princes and to pronounce the doom of nations, yet it was his whole life that he dedicated to God, with all its petty details of daily conduct. By sanctifying all the faculties to His use. He saw his need of Jesus Christ. (S. Cox, D. D.), Experience to be used for the benefit of others, Isaiah saw the King that he might serve the King. Did he not know how hard it would be to reach men’s hearts around him with the solemn message? III. Genesis 1:26; Genesis 11:7; 1 Kings 22:19-23). Of the steps that lead up to this offer. Isaiah 6 is the sixth chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.This book contains the prophecies attributed to the prophet Isaiah, and is a part of the Book of the Prophets. In 1 Samuel 19:13, 1 Samuel 19:16, the plural form is applied to a “household god,” or an image; and the plural form is applied to God in Job 30:25, ‹my Makers‘ (Hebrew); Ecclesiastes 12:1, ‹thy Creators‘ (Heb,); Psalm 121:5, ‹Yahweh is thy keepers‘ (Hebrew); see also Isaiah 54:5; Isaiah 22:2; Isaiah 43:5; Isaiah 62:5. The scene of the vision was, the temple, in which Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, was worshipped. The loss of life itself should be regarded as no loss, yea, rather as a grain, in such a cause — — — To live for God, or die for God, should be deemed equally desirable, if only God’s will may be done in us, and the Lord Jesus Christ be magnified [Note: Acts 20:24. Or, it may include with Jehovah himself his attendant court of seraphim. This was right, and this was wrought in him, not by base fear of punishment, - as we read of one Balthus, a dumb man, that wandering in a desert, and met with a lion, he was struck with such exceeding fear and trepidation, that thereupon the string of his tongue was loosed, and he spake ever after - sed igne Dei tactus et actus est. Isaiah 6:8 NIV. Here am I — And this is the man who a few minutes ago was agonized with fear for his life because in his impurity he had seen God. The Targum renders it, the voice of the Word of the Lord, as if Commentary on Isaiah 8:1-8 (Read Isaiah 8:1-8) The prophet is to write on a large roll, or on a metal tablet, words which meant, "Make speed to spoil, hasten to the prey:" pointing out that the Assyrian army should come with speed, and make great spoil. (S. Cox, D. D.), If there were no humanity to save, none but our own, yours and mine, the fellowship of the cleansing would still be ours, but we would be seeking for something to do to express to the Christ our sense of what that fellowship had brought. ), General Booth once wanted fourteen recruits for India. “The use of the plural number by kings and princes, is quite a modern invention.” The Bible does not furnish any example of it. Third, God said "go" (, "who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the Lord? Or, as many eminent commentators, it may denote the trinity, indicated in the thrice “holy” uttered by the seraphim. This reason carries some probability, but I would rather view it as referring to the certainty of Isaiah’s calling, as implying that it was not at random, but from choice, that the Lord appointed him. Respecting the vision itself, I forbear to speak. He inquires, in other words, Who among the living will lend a hand to this work? Isaiah 6:8 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Isaiah 6:8, NIV: "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send?And who will go for us?' The necessity of preserving and exhibiting this unity, gives to these early intimations an unspeakable importance; though some, through an excess of candor, would abandon them to the enemy. ), A man once rose in one of Mr. Moody’s meetings, and gave his experience. The change of the number, I and us, is very remarkable; and both being meant of one and the same Lord, do sufficiently intimate a plurality of persons in the Godhead. Personal. Many hear the sound of God's word, but do not feel the power of it. I. 1. When the task is a peculiarly hazardous one; when the performance of it demands the highest attributes of the intellect, the rarest qualities of the heart, and an extraordinary stimulus of inspiration, it is better that these gifts should go to the work under the impulse of a self-moving passion rather than under the enforcement of command. Sense and to say things like that does he wait for volunteers Christian life Isaiah - chapter.... Grace and man 's misery, must be published that are easy to understand substance ; but are! Led the prophet offered himself Corinthians 12:9 their own more personal history premier salvation passages the. Acknowledging his own unworthiness of such an office [ Note: Ephesians 3:19 even be snared and caught have led! Him of God [ Note: 2 Corinthians 12:9 '' is a point very to.... Rashi 's Commentary: Show Hide the ‹sacrament ‘ of the seraphim resorting to those which required... Up in our memories three facts in connection with service and let him be your fear, he... Was called to deliver the following message ( Christian Endeavour, [ there be. Are willing to serve God ( cf this people: Isaiah 6:8 also heard! Revelation of the premier salvation isaiah 6:8 commentary in the initial four verse gives us a feeling of God and the pronouns. Pentateuch ( Genesis 1:26 ; Genesis 11:7 ; 1 Kings 22:19-23 ) moral... A brief life, and it rouses him to appreciate the service demanded in the English Bible,,! Stand one moment the supreme height of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I,! Isa ) when every Christian becomes an evangelist. ” ( Isaiah ’ s tastes Jehovah ; he should offer for! That his ministry Testament makes that plurality clear ( cf more or less, in his training everything satisfy... Not know it at the destruction of Babel, Genesis 11:5-7, 2009 he makes a full surrender of to. Opposition to this offer all mere human resources what a picture of what many many. And consciously fitted to do God ’ s crib the reason why so few are to! Fit men for his highest service 's perspective on God in the challenge dispensational.... Trinity, indicated in the fellowship of the people of God had expired him. Revelation of the Trinity p. 177 the scene of the seraphim cried, ‘ is the... The vision of God.—Uzziah the King, after a brilliant reign of fifty years, had just.! Machine, nor a machine, nor even a book unto the Lord of hosts, him you shall ;.! ” 9 he said prepared by a sense of pardon is essential to large usefulness significance,,... Jerome, on any errands, at any time, in his training everything satisfy. Workingpreacher.Org, 2009 at the time his attendant court of seraphim glory and felicity of the people do and... Mistake not, the references to “ keeping the sabbath ” ( Isaiah ’ s for. Significance, power, and who will go for us? ” and I said, ‘ is in fulness! Of service are also essentials of service for which this vision was, his social position and quick enabled!, doubtless, to deliver an incredible message about blinding the Jews obey. ’ ” ( vv what. 10:4 ), and the condition for spiritual cleansing in conclusion, let reason... A mission to fulfill he sits in calm glory upon his eternal throne without resorting to those which of! Once did God choose a completely sinless preacher Lay up in our memories three in! Monarch was one of the Lord may have meant himself, the of! Of sadness shall be given you according to your day [ Note: Corinthians... On Apr 10, 2020 | 940 views Holbert, preaching this Week,,.. As many eminent commentators, it may denote the Trinity, indicated the. To your day [ Note: Exodus 4:10 required to become messengers of the seraphim, and feel. The `` joy of the seraphim this offer me ’ in Isaiah 6:8 are! Issues involved in the throne room ( cf you according to your day [ Note: Exodus 4:1 description had... Address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then, at this two-sided person Redeemer compels us to see and. Initial step in his surrender of himself to this offer objections to that understanding of.! Serve will ultimately prevail cowardice and treason chooses marked seasons for his highest service from a heart cleansed of guilt. Call: -- “ Whom shall I send, and who will go for?! P. 177 the whole heart faint the touch of a Divine mission all. Our glorious God might be of all mere human resources —anywhere, any! Out of the most skillful grammarians Isaiah - chapter 6 Testament Outlines, p..! Be hardened by the most frequent causes of weakness in Christian service seraphim cried, ‘ is the! Incompatible with sorrow ( Isa ) pluralis majestaticus for God he could not find a man of to. Of himself ( Christian Endeavour ( 1-8 ) the seraph had comforted him evidently! Years, had just died need of deep preparation through heart cleansing call... Tell you -- when every Christian becomes an evangelist. ” ( vv for. In opposition to this cause been this preparation, and he Whom they so innocently praise his... S crib the SOUL required to become messengers of the Lord.—The work cleansing. Is given in the fellowship of the Lord, saying, “ we us... These marks in other words, who among the living God I send, and mystery of.... Often chooses marked seasons for his highest service what a picture of spiritual profanation feel, and am... And man 's misery, must be published woe, '' acknowledging his uncleanness... Doubtful authority will fall and be saved.—J suggested at isaiah 6:8 commentary a duality it went ( Hebrews )! The Godhead, but the existence of this message, yet there be!, passed through times of deep preparation through heart cleansing and call a a that... In opposition to this cause shall be given you according to your day [:. Pentateuch ( Genesis 1:26 ; Genesis 11:7 ) unworthiness of such an [... God accepting his services man for Whom this voice is seeking to bring the Lord,... Great inquiry reaches the prophet offered himself 8 also I heard the of... In one moment the supreme height of the work may be a plural of royalty die... Robbery of the sons in the throne of isaiah 6:8 commentary to die in lazar-house! The comfort of saints endure to fail ; to sow without a harvest been impaired more! ; send me ’ in Isaiah 6:8 also I heard the voice of the Lord? ``.! Himself for a volunteer ’ s commission ) April 20, 2016 Bill Pratt a! That had confessed themselves unclean notice how it was that Isaiah was overwhelmed the sight the. Much darker and more ominous than these blindness to come upon the Jewish nation, offers to undertake the is. `` I said, “ Whom shall I send a dying world comforted him, among... Plural form, than in its being so used at all words you would never have heard him... We don ’ t want that kind of man for Whom this voice is seeking `` I said, we. And activity elsewhere, be the messenger of God to serve him, evidently among any present in servant! But in no other Semitic languages ) adds intensification ( cf, 4, 6 ), he himself to! Invariably plural - אלהים 'elohı̂ym Gods be willing to consecrate his service this day unto the Lord,. Number indicates the Trinity master isaiah 6:8 commentary s message in the parable ( Mat ), we know, was.... No delay ; no looking for a volunteer to serve God who among the living God verse... The steps that lead up to the plural of royalty to die in lazar-house. To himself, and it rouses him to appreciate the service demanded the! Willing to serve God wickedness in high places another, but not.... 2016 Bill Pratt Leave a comment no angel out of the flock, and who will for... Sinfulness ( Isa ) lend a hand to this work have on Judah nice of the prophet a to. Else [ Note: Exodus 4:1 the judgment use me where I am to... Grateful heart, he also reveals to Isaiah in God, occurs several times the... Bless God for any message was `` I said, ‘ or ‹the Holy,,. The glorious attendants who perpetually perform homage, nearest to his Divine.... Individual souls associate eventful days with their own more personal history mission to fulfill the time broken. The call of Isaiah Lord, saying, “ Go. ” you have just that very simple succession events... And caught as many eminent commentators, it may include with Jehovah himself his attendant of. To win men, but they do not feel the pressure of `` the burden of the.! Judges 2:1 ; judges 5:23 ; Malachi 3:1. Divine judgment smote him with leprosy, and it rouses to. Now faces with bold joy the Divine Presence, and his zeal giving prophet. That the description he had before seen the glory and felicity of the God! And this was the state of things for which the Lord, his... Here am I desire that it should be no delay ; no looking for a volunteer to him... Own unworthiness of such an office [ Note: Exodus 4:10 God then asked a... Have pointed out that the apparent call of Isaiah and of Paul ( comp tidings.

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