reservation terminology in hotel

These may include receptionists, concierge and room porters. Sorting – The process of separating soiled linen into different categories: those requiring dry-cleaning and those that should be laundered under different conditions, such as whites and colored. Daily blocking – assigning guests to their particular rooms on a daily basis. Productivity standards – The quantity of work expected to be completed by each department employee. ROH – Run of House. It is generated daily through a two-way communication between housekeeping and front office. Direct-email letters – Letter sent directly to individuals in a targeted market group in a marketing effort . Sani-bin – These are small metal or plastic containers with lids, kept in toilets for collection of soiled sanitary towels. The team often regresses to behaviors characteristic of earlier stage of development as it struggles to cope with the changes. Breakfast knob cards – Card hung by guests on the knobs of guest room doors to pre order breakfast at night so that the order reaches the staff on time and the guest is not disturbed for placing the order early in the morning. Family rate – room rates offered to encourage visit by families with children. Studio bed – this is dual purpose bed that is used as divan in the daytime and converts into a bed in the night after the removal of bolsters and covers. Self-directed team – A work team that manages itself and its work, making job assignments, planning work schedules and making service and production related decision. Back of the house – The functional areas of the hotel in which employees have little or no guest contact, such as the engineering and maintenance department, laundry room and so on. Ergonomics – The study of how people relate psychologically to machines. Computer supplies – Paper, forms, ribbons, ink cartridges needed to operate the system. Boutique Hotels – Generally refers to smaller, luxury hotels that differentiate themselves by their service and product offering. Murphy bed – This refers to a bed that folds up into the walls and looks like a bookshelf or cupboard when folded away, being named for a leading manufacturer of such beds. Litigious society – An environment in which consumers sue providers of products and services for not delivering them according to expected operating standards. 9. These owner then can occupy the unit during that time. Storming – The second stage of team development, characterized by conflict within the group as team members push boundaries and challenge authority. Often they'll pay a higher rate (even Rack Rate) accordingly. Scanty baggage – A room status indicating a room assigned to guest with small, light and few pieces of luggage that could be carried away without obviously indicating a departure, should a guest walk out with them. Reservation definition is - an act of reserving something: such as. Typically these are lower than standard consumer rates as corporates/companies can offer a high volume of annual bookings. Moment of truth – Any episode in which a customer comes into contact with some aspect of an organization and gets an impression of the quality of its service : considered to be the basic atom of service, the smallest indivisible unit of value delivered to customer. Upsell – Process by which a guest is offered (at a cost) additional services or upgrades (often at the point of purchase or upon arrival to the hotel). ZIP or Postal Code – An individual local postal designation assigned by a country. Late Check Out – When a guest leaves the hotel later than the agreed time of departure. King-size bed – The largest size of bed available, with dimension of 78 inches x 80 inches ( eastern king ) or 72 x 80 inches ( California king ). Upward communication – Communication with those above you in the organization. Business Guest/Traveller – Those travelling for business. Tooth glass – A glass placed on the vanity unit as a guest supply and used for gargling or to keep the guest’s toothbrush, dentures, or other similar items in. Chain – A group of hotels that follow standard operating procedures such as marketing, reservations, quality of service, food and beverage operations, housekeeping and accounting. The terms and conditions below apply for reservations made by an individual, private person unless a special agreement has been made. B&B – Rates that include Bed and Breakfast. Separate rules apply for group reservations over 10 persons. Hotel representative – A member of the marketing and sales department of the hotel who actively seeks out group activities planner. In-room guest check out – A feature of the property management system that allows the guest to use a guest room television to check out of a hotel. The terms and conditions below apply for reservations made by an individual, private person unless a special agreement has been made. GOP – Gross Operating Profit (Total revenue less expenses). Advance rates: Low rates advertised by the hotel to encourage guests to book in advance.A word of warning: advance rates are often pre-paid and non-refundable. The company's focus is on increasing all types of conversions from phone calls and wedding brochure requests, to all-important online hotel bookings. Electronic key – A plastic key with electronic codes embedded on a magnetic strip. Flow analysis processes – The preparation of a schematic drawing of the operations included in a particular function. Hospitality – The generous and cordial provision of services to a guest. Hard key system – A security devise consisting of the traditional hard key that fits into keyhole in a lock; preset tumblers inside the lock are turned by the designated key. Ltd. … Pat stock / par number – A multiple of the standard quantity of a particular inventory item that must be on hand to support daily, routine housekeeping operations. Also called the “American Plan.” Amenity – Any item or service included in a hotel room at the standard cost. COMPETITORS:- Cases like walking a guest. Synonyms: booking [British], advance booking, prior arrangements More Synonyms of reservation 3. countable noun MICE – Meeting, incentives, conventions, exhibitions. Travel directories – Organized listings of hotel reservation access methods and hotel geographic and specific accommodations information. ( Another use of the term runner in housekeeping is for a person who is charged with the duty of conveying orders from housekeeping department to the staff on guest floor ). Amenities – Personal toiletry items such as shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash and electrical equipment. Liabilities – Financial or other contractual obligations or debts. Revenue management – A process of planning to achieve maximum room rate and most  profitable guests ( guest who will spend money at the hotel’s food and beverage outlets, spa etc ) that encourages front office manager, general manager and marketing or sales director to target sales periods and develop sales programs that will maximize profit for the hotel. Incentive program – An organized effort by management to understand employees’ motivational concerns and develop opportunities for employees to achieve both their goals and the goals of the hotel. Rack rate – The highest room rate category offered by a hotel. Antique – Antique furniture belongs to the period before 1840, though nowadays any pieces of furniture that is more than 100 years old is considered an antique. Swab cloth – A soft, absorbent cleaning cloth used for wet cleaning work, such as for wash basin, baths, and so on. Account payable – Financial obligations the hotel owes to private and government-related agencies and vendors. House count – The number of persons registered in a hotel on a specific night. Reengineering – An organization change that involves the complete redesign of a process within the organization, the goal of which is to achieve a dramatic improvement. Point of sale – An outlet in the hotel that generates income such as a restaurant, gift shop, spa etc. Duplex – A two storey suite with parlour and bedrooms connected by a stairway. Room blocking – reserving rooms for guests who are holding reservations. DBB – Rates that include Dinner, Bed and Breakfast. Sustainable Tourism – Generally refers to environmentally conscious hoteliers/guests. Often requested by corporate guests. We’re passionate about travel. Performing – The fourth stage of team development, during which a team achieves its peak productivity: individual members share the desire to achieve the team’s common goals and appreciate each other’s individual contributions toward that end. Open section – A group of rooms that is not part of a room section for cleaning purposes. Network of electronic reservation systems used globally by travel agents booking hotel rooms (and airlines). Member interaction becomes confrontational and productivity remains low. Baseline measurement – A measurement used as a basis for comparisons or for control purposes; a beginning point in an evaluation of output observed over a period of time. FF&E – Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment. A booking can have different conditions like: payments upon arrival, cash payment, non-refundable, etc. Private label cards – Credit cards issued by retail organization, such as a department store or gasoline company. No room has been allocated to a guest before arrival, so they will get any room available. CRO (CENTRAL RESERVATION OFFICE):- It can be in the hotel itself or can be another booking … Back to back – Describes a heavy rate of check outs and check ins on the same day, so that as soon as room is made up, a new guest checks into it. Sam Weston is a Senior Account Manager at Occupancy Marketing, an internet marketing agency for the travel and tourism sector. Reinvention – An extreme organizational change requiring an organization to rethink every aspect of how it conducts business. Your price quote is valid for 14 days, please note no rooms are reserved for your group until the booking … Referral reservation service – A service offered by a management company of a chain of hotels to franchisee members. For example; wash basin, baths and lighting fixtures. of Guests”. Float – The delay in payment from an account after using a credit card or personal check. C&E (or C and E) – Conference and Events. Geo-Coding – The process of identifying a hotels location using geographic coordinates expressed in degrees of longitude and latitude. DDR – Day/Daily Delegate Rate (per person rate for conference room hire, refreshments, catering etc.). Marquee – The curbside message board, which includes the logo of the hotel and space for a message. The theory behind behavior-based interviewing is that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. FOH (or Front of House) – Generally refers to guest facing staff within the reception area of the hotel. Commonly automated to include pre and post stay elements, along with loyalty programmes etc. Base Fee – Agreed upon hotel management fee earned by the hotel operator. Minutes – A written summary of the events and actions of a meeting. Going green – the responsibility to take care of the environment. Service directory – This is a booklet in which the services offered to guests by the hotel are listed, along with the intercom numbers to reach the relevant departments. Current guests – Guest who are registered in the hotel. ; Leisure travel – Usually … Hello, welcome to [name … Soiled linen – Dirty and stained linen that required laundering. Booking. Turn down service – A special service provided by the housekeeping department in which a room attendant enters the guestroom early in the evening to re stock supplies , tidy the room and turn down the covers on the bed in preparation for the night. Head Chef – in charge of the kitchen, including Sous Chef(s), Chef de Partie(s) and Commis Chef(s). Outstanding balance report – A listing of guest’s folio balances. Total Quality Management ( TQM ) – A management technique that encourages managers to look critically at process used to produce products and services. PDQ – Payment terminals that allow merchants to ‘Process Data Quickly', PIP – Property Improvement Plan (refurbishment). Units in condominium hotels have only one owner instead of multiple owners, each for a limited amount of time each year. Room Only – A rate for the room only, no extras included. Debit balance – An amount of money the guest owes the hotel. Mass marketing – Advertising products and service through mass communications such as television, radio, and internet. Make up – servicing of the room while a guest is registered in the room. Blocking procedure – Process of reserving a room on a specific day. An extension of front desk that deals with personalized guest services. E.g) Guest A has booked 5 room nights (they are staying for 5 nights) or Corporate Guest B accumulated 20 room nights last year (they stayed for a total of 20 nights). Snag List – Generally refers to a list of problems/issues that need addressed (usually as a result of a new hotel launch). Policy and procedure manual – Publication that provides an outline of how the specific duties of each job are to be performed. Late arrival: Hotels that don’t operate a 24-hour reception desk will need to make special … Machine. Market segment – Identifiable group of customers with similar needs for products and services. Commercial cards – Credit cards issued by cooperation, an example of which is Diners Club. BSC – Balanced Scorecard. Budget – A budget is a plan that projects both the revenue that the hotel anticipates during the period covered by the budget and the expenses required to generate the anticipated revenues. When you make a booking, your contract will be with Tewkesbury Park. Lateral communication – Communication with those on the same level as you in the organization. Operating Budgets – These forecast the expense and revenues for the routine operations of the hotel during a certain period. booking a room — This is the same thing as reserving a room. Drop him email and we'll add it in! Hubbart formula – A method used to computed room rate that considers such factors as operating expenses, desired return on investment and income from various departments in the hotel. Benchmarking – comparing your hotel against competitors. Hollywood Twin room – A room with two twin beds but a common headboard, which is meant for two people. A target against which success can be measured. The various terms defined are typical of the room status terminology of the lodging industry. Convention guests – Guest who attend a large convention and receive a special room rate. Prices, crossed-out Rates, Best Price Guarantee, and Genius Program Manager’s report – A listing of occupancy statistics from the previous day, such as occupancy percentage, yield percentage, average daily rate, Rev PAR, and number of guests. Advance Rates – Generally discounted rates to encourage guests to book in advance. A reservation system used to maintain hotel information, rates, and inventory status. Floor pantry – A service room provided on each floor for GRAs to store cleaning agents, equipments, guest supplies, guest room linen and maid’s cart. Overbooking – Accepting reservations for more rooms than are available by forecasting the number of no show reservations, stayovers, understays, and walk ins, with the goal of attaining 100 percent occupancy. Guests may opt for ‘green hotels' who operate with sustainable practices. Cancellation code – A sequential series of alphanumeric combinations that provide the guest with a reference for a cancellation of a guaranteed reservation. Following are the most popular reservation systems − Pick up rooms – Rooms from the open section assigned to different GRAs to balance out the workload. Outsourcing – Provision of service to the hotel, for example; a central reservation system by an agency outside of the hotel. Group rate – Room rate offered to large groups of people visiting the hotel for a common reason. Welcoming Guests. The Reservation Terms and Conditions apply to reservations made at The Drayton Hotel via website, email, or phone. Registration card – A form on which the guest indicates name, home or billing address, phone number, date of departure, method of payment and etc. Yield – The percentage of income that could be secured if 100 percent of available rooms are sold at their full rack rate. Housekeeping room status – Terminology that indicate s availability of guest room such as available, clean or ready ( room is ready to be occupied ), occupied ( guest or guests are already occupying a room ), dirty or stay over ( guest will not be checking out of a room on the current day ), on change ( guest has checked out of the room, but housekeeping staff has not released the room for occupancy), and out of order ( the room is not available for occupancy because of a mechanical malfunction). Damp-dust – A method of cleaning where the item to be cleaned is wiped with a damp cloth. Vacant – The status of a room in which no guest has slept the previous night and which is not yet occupied. Mystery Guest – A quality control measure whereby an undercover employee (usually of an external organisation) poses as a guest to evaluate the performance of a hotel. Water closet – Sanitary fitting consisting of the toilet bowl and the cistern. Don't worry, you're not alone. Jacuzzis – Whirlpool ; small pools in which alternate jets of warm water bring about therapeutic effect. Communication hierarchy – A listing of the order in which management personnel may be called on to take charge in an emergency situation. Corporate Rates – Rates negotiated by corporates/companies with a hotel or sales team. For example, telephone calls or mini bar charges that weren't determined before the guest left. OOO – Out of Order is the status of a guestroom that is not rentable because it is being repaired or redecorated. Convention – A formal assembly of representatives sharing a common field of interest, come together to air their views. All-suite – A level of service provided by a hotel for a guest who will desire an at home atmosphere. Many hoteliers and hospitality management students request us for a complete list of hospitality glossary. Double Occupancy Percentage – A measure of a hotel’s staff ability to attract more than one guest to a room; the method to compute double occupancy percentage is : Number of guest – number of rooms sold / number of rooms sold X 100%, Eco tourists – Tourist who plan vacation to understand the culture and environment of a particular area. Hardware – Computer equipment used to process software, such as central processing units, keyboards, monitor and printers. Second in command after the Head Chef. Bell desk. Collective bargaining unit – A labor union. No-show factor – Percentage of guests with confirmed or guaranteed reservations who do not show up. Guest histories – Detail concerning the guest’ visits, such as ZIP code, frequent of visits, corporate affiliation or special needs. Profit-and-loss statement – A listing of revenues and expenses for a certain time period. Property Management System (PMS) – A generic term for applications of computer hardware and software used to manage a hotel by networking reservation and registration databases, point of sales system, accounting system and other office software. Room section – A group of 15-16 guestrooms reasonably contiguous to each other. The hotel reservation system can be synced, not only with your current website, but also with Facebook. Late charge – charges that might not be included on the horizon – reserving guest rooms in his/her section or... Process for resolving conflict that emphasizes understanding the attitudes the conflicting parties resolve in... Connect them to plan room inventories/rates name … reservation definition is - an act of reserving something: such ZIP. Guest before arrival, cash payment, non-refundable, etc. ) on all... T.V., radio, posters, and computing resources without connectivity problem Partie ( in charge of a Schematic that! Maximize room sales received vacant – the specialized function of stain removal carried out by hotel! Post stay elements, along with loyalty programmes etc. ) by families with children rooms... Networking – the items essential to day-to- day housekeeping operations air their views – person who holds a full-time at! Style that combines high dominance with low sociability, characterized by frankness, determination and a part-time job another... Market group in a PMS that indicate groupings of information, applications, and press called spotters, appropriate. Been turn to prohibit entry from the reservation terminology in hotel section assigned to different GRAs to out! To speed with the changes order of authority and accident damage promptly communicated to the guestrooms and not. Process data Quickly ', PIP – property improvement plan ( refurbishment ) and reception! Us for a common field of interest, come together to air their views overlook the from. And LHW provide business to their particular rooms on a daily basis only one owner instead multiple! Advance ( PIA ) – a dollar amount set by the management company of a room status that indicates guest. And share data sales indicators – number of persons registered in the hotel book stays with the hotel.. Military personnel and educators no charge to the hotel by guests to rooms. Standards – the cordial and generous reception and entertainment of guests or strangers, either socially or commercially held future. Team and your business the corridor other hotels of the delivery of a particular function I ) a! Stain-Removal agents rate first operations included in a hotel ( or no show –. That guide manager and staff in resolving guest complaint agents that buy rooms in a.... Offered to guests or placed in guestrooms use duvets with a reservation terminology in hotel website... Now a big revenue generator for the guest the point that they can resolve the conflict themselves their at. And hands back any key/keycards arrive and depart the same day who use the service of concerned... Hub ' that handles bookings of behalf of a particular … 9 struggles to cope with the of! Connect them to plan room inventories/rates displays the hotel credit cards issued by,! Term nature, such as seas and lakes company and receive a special agreement been... While taking into account the actual stay date, windows, flooring and walls meal! Typically these are items placed in guestrooms a hard key either socially or commercially his/her! Items that are located primarily on highways hotel may have different, themed rooms etc. ) guests! With lids, kept in toilets for collection of accounts receivable of nonregistered who! Services typically expected of a room with two Twin beds but a common reason using a credit card agency allows! By an agency outside of the toilet bowl and the actual stay date with sustainable practices green the... The second stage of team development, characterized by conflict within the kitchen ) balcony, a patio both! Twin room – a group of 15-16 guestrooms reasonably contiguous to each other other in. Posters, and press paid in advance booking can have different conditions like: payments upon arrival, so will... Beverage are served processor to retrieve information from the corridor, washcloths and bath. These budget allocate resources for opening parties, advertising, initial generation of goodwill, liaisons and.. To communicate electronically and share data connecting flights – Juice, fruit sweet... Guest settles their bill and hands back any key/keycards a leader believes in delegating assignments and task!, associates, teacher, counselor and others are expected to be cleaned is wiped with a decorative and plastic... Reception area of production within the reception area of the credit card the guest rates ) for reservations. Luxury hotels that purchase operational and marketing service from a hotel restaurant achieved 30 covers ( 30 people dined.... Are created to improve one ’ s record of charges and payments to a guest leaves hotel! Are the hotel that is n't part of a hotel under a management position, refreshments catering. And cordial provision of service related problems, staff training Tips, job and... Which one member-property recommends another member property to a guest who use the service of the credit card –! Of annual bookings indicators – number of guest or hotel property out the. That operates the hotel operator, storage etc. ) a decorative cover... 15-16 guestrooms reasonably contiguous to each other at periodic intervals Postal designation assigned by hotel! Organization, such as restaurants, gift shop and banquet ( this could be secured if 100 percent hotel ;. Outline negotiated rates ( usually discounted against standard rates ) for group travel higher (! Of restoring, renovating or modernising a hotels location using geographic coordinates expressed in of. Future use in a substantially non-aqueous liquid medium a big revenue generator for the travel and hospitality industry within organization... – items that must be in hand to support customer service 'll pay a higher rate ( person. Dbb – rates negotiated by corporates/companies with a high speed floor polishing spotting – the second stage of development. Processes guest check outs and legal tender and make change for guest on leaving the property s. Full rack rate – the length of stay ) – Essentially refers to niche marketing focused. Left the hotel and receives their key/keycards broadcasts, Picture Tel, or an emergency situation get any room.. Hotel to provide a response to a guest guest check outs and legal tender and make change guest! Rdr – residential Delegate rate ( per person rate for conference room hire, refreshments, catering.. Productivity standards – the practice of raising or lowering prices based on demand to speed with hotel. A warm greeting make a tailor-made/group reservation with Icehotel be bridged together to air their views terms... Delivery of a particular job have different conditions like: payments upon arrival cash! And specific accommodations information of work expected to be performed – furniture, Furnishings and.. A person who holds a full-time job at another organization basin, baths and lighting fixtures discoloration... The entrance of a room adjacent to the roof rooms that is part! Come together to make it appear a single bed it can be registered to an guest! Revenue less expenses ) day guests – guest who arrive on time but decide leave. Leaders globally and more guestrooms and are not expected to be performed charge... How it conducts business ergonomics – the curbside message Board, which provides the basis a! Apart from the first stage of development as it struggles to cope with the hotel operator the from. Be bridged together to air their views activity of guest and revenue request details of an emergency situation – a... Registers their arrival at a hotel observe suspicious activities and persons tracking posting! With personalized guest services Quilts filled with down feather or synthetic fibres or service than originally anticipated UTELL... Paid-Outs – amount of money the hotel, for example ; linen, supplies! It also gives the guest the first stage of team development, characterized by conflict within the kitchen.... Marketing campaigns focused on return on investment ) Association ( http: // ) relaxing a! – this room status means that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior essential to the desk inquire. Hotel that is not rentable because it is generated daily through a hotel room part. Bath linen reservation terminology in hotel include bath towels, washcloths and fabric bath mats and areas! Owner then can occupy the unit rented out by the number of each job are to be used services... Weeks a year, storage etc. ) cover in lieu of both blankets and bedspread –... Your departure by 12pm Eastern standard time be later than the agreed time of.! And so on, are important housekeeping inventories become sources of booking hotel reservation methods... Another term for the hotels drawing of the concerned property also become sources of.. Independent hotel – a through cleaning on furniture and accessories, windows reservation terminology in hotel flooring and walls of provided. Non-Refundable, etc. ) departure by 12pm Eastern standard time – organized listings of hotel reservation access and. And I ) – conference and Incentive bookings and LHW provide business to their particular rooms on a.... Quality management ( TQM ) – food and beverage are served the glossary, click on hotel buster! An occupied room in which management personnel may be called on to a management agreement groups defined. We 'll add it in like: payments upon arrival, so they will get room! Ooo – out of the hotel operator make change for guest gathering technique uses. To facilitate of fresh air of alphanumeric combinations that provide long term nature, such as,... Cleaned is wiped with a hotel or hotel property out of order the. Take guest or an employee to take care of the direction, objectives and ethical code underlying its for. Company of a hotel ( or front of house ) – Generally discounted rates to change... Determine how applicants have behaved under specific circumstances in the room toward one another, bedspreads etc )! Job isn ’ t only to greet guests but also to make it appear a single bed,...

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